Responsible Gaming


Version: 2.0

Last updated: 6 August 2021

At Loyal Royal, our goal is to provide you with a fun entertainment experience through responsible social game play.  The key word is “responsible.”  We understand there are inherent risks associated with online game play which can be detrimental both socially and financially if our customers do not exercise appropriate discretion. To that end, we have created control measures, which are available to you whenever you feel you might be spending too much time playing social games.  We also reserve the right to implement these control measures if we, in our independent judgment, believe you are playing irresponsibly.

Helpful Tips

Set a Budget – Only purchase Loyal Coins if you can afford it.  Remember, we have free entry options that you can use whenever you want.  Free play is always available on our site.

Track your Time – Online social game play is a great form of entertainment, but it should not be used as an escape from reality.  Too much screen time is not healthy for anyone.  We want you to play for an appropriate amount of time, take breaks when needed, and then come back later.  Our goal is not for our customers to spend endless hours in front of their computer screen or mobile device.

Self-Assess – If you believe you or a friend/family member is engaging in problem-gaming, you should strongly consider self-assessing.  Here are some common indicators that you or another might have a problem:

  • You hide your gaming from friends and/or a lie about how often you play and how much money you spend playing.
  • You binge-play, spending hours and hours on your computer or mobile device.
  • You use gaming to comfort yourself and/or escape from problems or difficulties in your career or personal life.
  • You play first thing in the morning or late into the night and lose sleep as a result of your gaming.
  • You skip work, school, or other responsibilities in order to spend more time gaming.
  • You feel guilty, shameful, or embarrassed about your gaming habits.
  • You experience extreme highs or lows in your emotions while gaming.

If, after performing a self-assessment, you feel you need additional support or help, you may want to consider contacting Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous (CGAA).  This is an organization dedicated to helping those who are addicted to computer games.  It can be contacted at  Loyal Royal has no affiliation with CGAA whatsoever.  Loyal Royal cannot attest for CGAA’s effectiveness in assisting with problem-gaming.  CGAA has no affiliation with Loyal Royal and cannot provide any assistance or customer support related to your account.

Be Responsible When Gaming – It is never a good idea to play computer games as your primary source of income or to attempt to earn winnings to pay off debts.  Neither is it a good idea to play computer games while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Protect Minors – If you have minors in your household and/or minors who have access the devices you use to play, you should take steps to protect them.  Be sure to protect your passwords and always log out when you are not in front of your gaming device.  There are numerous vendors and/or services/settings that can be used to restrict access on your devices and ensure any accessible content is age-appropriate, and we recommend utilizing such resources if they fit your household’s needs.

Blocking Your Account

If you find that you are unable to exercise self-control altogether, you can request that we block you from your account and/or erase your account and save your name to our database of self-excluded customers.  This will result in us closing your account and preventing you from opening a new account with the same contact information.  If you ever want to re-open your account or open a new account with the same contact information, you will have to complete and sign a letter swearing that you have obtained help for your problem-playing and that you are now able to exercise self-control.  

Please be aware, it may take some time for our customer support team to block access to your account.  We will advise you once it has been blocked.  If you are able to access your account once we have told you it is blocked, please contact us immediately so that we can address whatever technical problem may have occurred.